Thursday, November 4, 2010


No I am not talking about apple turnovers.  I was recently asked why I felt there was such a high turnover rate in D/s relationships.  "Vanilla" couples will date for three to five years before getting married - after getting to know each other for that long the couple thinks they know one another but chances are 50/50 that the marriage will end in divorce.  With all the clueless Dom's and the desperate sub(s)/slave(s) out there, they will know each other for a month before collaring.  It is almost impossible to get to know someone in a month so there is a good chance that you are not as compatible as you at first might think.  In a month there is still an infatuation that tends to cloud clear thinking and people jump into a relationship that may or may not be healthy for all involved.  I am not saying that the sub or slave is wrong for being desperate.  They have a NEED to be controlled and if they find someone willing to help them by taking control of their life, they jump at the opportunity.  This is just human nature.  I recently had someone e-mail Me on a BDSM site.  We sent less then a dozen e-mails back and forth between the two of us before she asked "So, do you want me."  My response was that I was certainly interested but I don't even know you yet.  Her response, "I understand."   I have not heard from her since even though I sent her a couple of other e-mails that I know she read.  Again, I am not trying to scare anyone off from the life - between the right people it can be wonderful, just know who you are getting involved with.  A lot of so called Dom's are just abusers and for a few weeks anybody can keep up a facade.

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