Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Edge play is anything that, if done improperly, could cause major harm or death to a sub/slave or even the Dom.  It is critical, that, before you venture into any edge play, that you get proper hands on training from a trusted and trustworthy, experienced mentor.  Edge play includes activities such activities as asphyxia, fire play & electric play.  It can be as simple as simple rope bondage, as a slip not around an ankle or wrist, if not monitored carefully COULD result in the need to amputate a hand or foot if the sub/slave while squirming could cause the knot to tighten to the point of cutting off circulation to the appendage.  Like anything else in the world of BDSM - be careful.  A sub or slave certainly is not as valuable to a Dom if they are missing a hand or foot, are permanently scarred unintentionally or worse yet DEAD.

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