Thursday, November 4, 2010


To help prove My point on safe, sane and consensual... on Nancy Grace yesterday there was an episode about a guy who called himself "Master" and would connect with subs/slaves on the internet.  The episode was not trying to cast a dim light on BDSM per se but the /s He met online that he connect with were all killed... one of them was a divorced mother with a mentally retarded 15y.o. daughter... after he killed both of them he continued to receive the $5000/ month alimony check and the child's SSI checks and had a woman cash them.  BE CAREFUL and be safe when you are first meeting people.  The FBI in Quantico VA was instrumental in helping solve the case.  The police found something like ten large plastic barrels in storage units with bodies in various levels of decay.  I assure you the vast majority of Dom's are NOT like that but... use and keep your head when meeting people - and don't just rush into something that you MAY or MAY NOT LIVE to regret later.  My intent is NOT to scare you off but to keep you safe.  As I have said before their are a lot of WONDERFUL people in the life and things like this turn My as well as their stomachs... and I have a pretty strong stomach.

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