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This is just one example of a contract... please feel free to take anything from this that is appropriate to your situation.  There are also a number of other samples on the web.  I strongly recommend that you do some research and take from other samples that you find appropriate for your situation.  This is by far and away not the only idea for a contract... only a suggestion, as no two relationships are the same - every dynamic is different- therefore chances are no two contracts will be identical.  Let Me re-post this caveat, while I am NOT a lawyer, I can pretty much assure you that a BDSM contract will NEVER be upheld in a court of law, especially between a Dom and a slave so the trust in all parties involved in the contract is critical.  In order to know, trust and respect each other takes time and is absolutely essential - obviously I can not emphasize this enough.  When drafting a contract think of it as if you were hiring an Independent Contractor.  It should lay out the needs, wants, desires and benefits of all parties involved.  There should also be escape clauses.  Do to the dynamics of BDSM there is always a chance the parties might very well outgrow one another.  An example might be that one of the parties decide that they desire to try something and find out that they really enjoy it and the other party refuses to even try it or decide that, after trying it, it is NOT for them.  If there is a short time left in the contract the parties might decided to stick it out for the duration or you might just decide to go your separate ways.  Another way of dealing with this situation is to find someone else to scene with for that particular aspect.  An example might be fire play (My /sub wife and I are starting to experiment with that (after W/we received PROPER training from an experienced Domme who has dealt with fire play for quite some time).  If the sub/slave decides that they wish to experience fire play and the Dom has NO interest in it and does not believe that the Dom can keep their sub/slave safe through this particular activity they may refuse to let them scene with anyone.  If that is the case you might be better off going your separate ways.  If on the other hand, the Dom decides that they would like to try it, and the sub/slave refuses there are a couple of options.  You could find someone to scene with periodically that the Dom could use fire play on - keeping the status quo with the existing relationship or decide to go your separate ways.  Of course there is always the possibility of neither party ever experimenting with fire play in that case as well.  However, is that fair to everyone involved?  This is just something to consider.


This contract dated (day)  of (month), 20(yr) is the complete and entire agreement between the signatories.   I _     (Dom)        ,  being of sound mind and body, hereinafter referred to as "Dom" and        (sub/slave)    , being of sound mind and body, hereinafter referred to as "sub"("slave").  The terms of this agreement will begin on (day) of (month), 20(yr) at (time) a.m./p.m. and will remain in effect for a period of (duration) month(s)(year(s) ending on (day) of (month), 20(yr) at (time) a.m./p.m. This contract shall also become null and void immediately upon request of the injured party following any material breach of the contract.  Should the injured party agree to continue with the contract following any material breach, the broken clause shall still remain in effect for the remaining terms of the contract.


  1. Dom shall be responsible for keeping sub/slave safe at all times.
  2. Dom will not allow or make sub/slave scene with any minors or animals at any time.
  3. Dom will do everything within His power to train, educate, instruct, shape and mold sub into best sub/slave possible.
  4. Dom will receive pleasure from the activities outlined in clause 3 above.
  5. Dom shall pick out the entire wardrobe of sub/slave when they are going out in public, however, Dom may instruct sub/slave to pick out said wardrobe and punish sub/slave for selecting an inappropriate outfit after sub/slave has received proper training on appropriate outfits for public display.
  6. Dom shall set up a financial account for sub/slave in order to allow sub/slave to have funds to start over shall Dom and sub/slave decide to go their separate ways for whatever reason.  Should the sub/slave materially breach this contract and Dom decides that this contract then becomes null and void these funds will not be made available to sub/slave.  This will consist of ten percent of any and all revenue that sub/slave generates while working outside the home.  Said account shall require two signatures to withdraw funds.
  7. Dom will pay all bills from the pooled revenue of  Dom and sub/slave.
  8. Dom shall read sub/slave's journal on a regular basis and agrees to not punish sub/slave for anything posted therein
  9. Dom shall respect and honor the invocation of the safe word (______) by sub/slave.
  10. Dom will stretch sub/slave's limits to help sub/slave grow in the life and position.
  11. Dom will respect all hard limits of sub/slave as follows - no minors, no animals, no scat. (List whatever is appropriate.)
  12. Dom shall look for female partner(s) for Dom and/or sub/slave to scene with.  This scene is to occur a minimum of once every three months during the duration of this contract.  If partner is to just scene with sub/slave, Dom will be present to watch.  Dom may have sexual contact (penile penetration) with both subs/slaves during these scenes. 
  13. Dom agrees to work with sub/slave on any new interests that sub/slave discovers.
  14. Whereas both parties will be working outside the home, Dom and sub/slave shall share in housework as enumerated by Dom.
  15. Dom shall inform sub/slave the reason for any punishment.  Periodically during the punishment Dom will remind sub/slave the reason for the punishment although that can come from the sub/slave in the form of "Why are you being punished?" with an appropriate response from the sub/slave.
  16. Whereas Dom believes that family is important Dom will not keep sub/slave from staying in touch with their family and will not unreasonably withhold trips for sub/slave to visit their family.
  17. Should the Dom allow the sub/slave to scene with anyone the Dom shall be present during the entire scene in order to assure that the sub/slave is unharmed and not forced to do anything on sub/slaves hard limit list.

  1. Sub/slave agrees to maintain body by regular bathing and all other routine body care (e.g. brushing teeth, etc.).
  2. Sub/slave shall maintain clean shaven genitalia, legs and arm pits at all times, unless instructed otherwise by Dom.
  3. Sub/slave agrees to study BDSM on a daily basis, including but not limited to, searching the internet, reading books, attending BDSM munches and/or other BDSM activities..
  4. Sub/slave shall journal daily including but not limited to - thoughts, concerns, what was learned and possible new interests to explore.
  5. Sub/slave agrees to accept any permanent mark that Dom desires, anywhere on their body, indicating ownership by Dom.
  6. Sub/slave shall bring and show honor and respect to Dom at all times.
  7. Sub/slave agrees to never remove ownership collar at any time.
  8. Sub/slave shall sit at the right foot of the Dom, whenever Dom is sitting, whenever and wherever feasible.
  9. Sub/slave is not to wear any underwear unless necessary.
  10. Sub/slave will sleep naked.
  11. Sub/slave shall make themselves available for use by Dom in anyway Dom desires at anytime Dom desires whenever feasible, within the terms of this contract.
  12. Sub/slave shall not have any sexual contact at any time without permission from Dom.
  13. Sub/slave shall not orgasm without permission from Dom.
  14. Sub/slave shall not invoke the safe word unless absolutely necessary.
  15. Sub/slave agrees to look for and find female partner(s) for Dom and/or sub to scene with a minimum of every three months for the duration of this contract.  If found partner is to only scene with sub, Dom shall be present to watch.  Dom may have sexual intercourse (penile penetration) with both subs/slaves during these scenes.  While this is a goal, due to the nature of this, failure to accomplish is not cause for termination of this contract, but will result in punishment of sub/slave.
  16. Sub/slave agrees to allow Dom to scene with others as long as there is no penile penetration.
  17. Sub/slave agrees to service in anyway, within the terms of this contract, anybody Dom desires.  Dom will be present at all times during these activities to make sure that sub/slave is safe.
  18. If Dom and sub/slave are present at an event and sub witnesses something they desire to experience Dom will not unreasonably withhold permission of sub/slave to participate.
  19. Should Dom and sub/slave find a mutually agreeable partner(s) who fits into the family dynamics well, sub/slave agrees to accept said partner(s) into the family.  Dom, sub and potential new partner(s) will sit down together to draft a mutually acceptable contract between all parties involved.  The new contract may or may not replace this contract.  
  20. Sub/slave shall count each stroke when being punished by flogging, caning, etc. and also must thank Dom following each stroke.
These terms are mutually agreed to by the affixing of the respective signatures below.

______(Dom)______  ___/__/___                     (sub/slave)                ___/___/____
 (Dom's signature)            (date)                   (sub/slave signature)                (date)

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