Wednesday, January 12, 2011


There are a few roles involved in BDSM.  A Dom should, no, MUST leave their sub(s)/slave(s) better for the experience.  Each party in the relationship needs to anticipate the needs of their respective partners - almost before the person knows their own needs.  The Dom needs to help their sub(s)/slave(s) grow in their servitude.  The sub(s)/slave(s) must bring and show respect to their Dom at all times - especially while in public.  All parties should be proud to be seen in public with their respective partner(s).  Public humiliation must be done with discretion... even those where the parties involved in the relationship have agreed to certain behaviors and activities the people around you in public have not, and this gets back to consent.  Where you have agreed that certain behaviors are perfectly fine other people may be very uncomfortable witnessing that same behavior and therefore have NOT consented.  There are venues where certain behaviors might be perfectly acceptable but there are many more where it is not.  A Dom sliding His hand under a mini-skirt on a sub/slave who is not wearing panties might be perfectly fine in a bar... it is NOT in a shopping mall where there are young children around - please use discretion when in public.

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