Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Dom is short for Dominant.  A Dom (although on the surface it may not appear that way) should be caring and compassionate.  To be entrusted with control of another persons life they need to be in control of theirs.  The role of a Dom is to train the sub/slave to be the best that they can be.  The Dom is to stretch their sub/slave to the best of their limits.  Hard limits are just that hard limits... NOT to be breached.  A Dom must be trustworthy so they don't cross those hard lines and also if there is a safe word - they MUST respect it.  Ideally the Dom and perspective sub/slave should have very similar ideas as far as interests or the relationship probably will not work out.  As I have heard it put... when you are bound and gagged is NOT the time to realize there is a difference in expectations.  A Dom needs to be patient and not over react or punish their sub/slave when they are upset - it's too easy to cross the line from punishment to abuse if you are upset.

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