Thursday, October 28, 2010


It's hard to believe that I even need to include this but I know I better.

SAFE - If you are a sub/slave it is your responsibility to keep yourself safe during the "dating" process.  After you have decided that you can trust and respect your prospective Dom and you accept each other then it is the Dom's job to continue to keep you safe.  If you are participating in edge play (ANYTHING that if done wrong could place the sub/slave (or even the Dom) in the hospital, morgue OR even jail) make sure that you receive proper training from someone experienced in the activity.  Also, if you have ANY STD's - be upfront about it.  I believe it's illegal NOT to disclose that and it is certainly unethical.  My wife and I know a sub that has an STD that W/we have had scene's with - nothing sexual (although W/we have NOT ruled that out) but W/we've had fun each time.  Ultimately it is your responsibility to keep yourself safe... know who you are getting involved with.

SANE - Do not get involved with anyone who has a death wish or a murderer.  See the comments above about edge play.  Find someone with reasonably similar interest to yours is you are a service oriented sub/slave for example don't get involved with a sadist - you will both be miserable.

CONSENSUAL - All parties involved MUST consent... that includes non-participants.  If you are in public, use common sense so as not to embarrass observers - use common sense.  If you are at the mall it probably is inappropriate to have your sub/slave on a leash, for example.  On the other hand if you are at an art museum in the middle of the week with virtually no one in the building to have a quickie in a small side gallery might be just fine.

I have been contacted by a number of "subs/slaves" from foreign countries ready to jump on a plane and come running to Me.  I respectfully refuse - this is not safe, sane or consensual - first of all, chances are they are under duress and desperate so they are not thinking clearly and rationally.  As such they are not able to make rational decisions.  Secondly, as I do not know anything about them - I have NO clue whether things would work out.

If someone is not of sound mind, they may be willing to agree to a relationship - that is NOT the same as consensual and you have no business taking them on.

You can not possibly know if things are safe, sane and consensual until you get to know as much as possible about a potential partner and that takes time.  You must trust and respect any prospective partner and that takes time to develop.  Please do not rush into any relationship.  You are ultimately responsible for your physical and mental well being - if you make a rash decisions chances are it will come back and bite you.  BE VERY CAREFUL with who you connect with.  There are some wonderful Doms, subs and slaves out there but there are also devious, evil people as well - KNOW who you are getting together with - your life may literally depend on it.

Minors are unable to legally consent so they should be off limits.

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