Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Punishment is to be used for training.  If you are a sadist PLEASE find a pain slut to be your sub/slave.  A pain slut is a sub/slave who actually enjoys physical/emotional pain.  I have known subs/slaves that are disappointed or actually crushed if you give them a look of displeasure - they are very service oriented and devastated by a look and would be crushed and possibly emotionally destroyed by being flogged, whipped or even spanked.  Pain sluts on the other hand might see that as a reward and therefore a Dom would be better off giving them corner time or just ignore them for a period of time.  It is critical to know the mind set of your sub/slave to properly punish them.  If you are a sadistic Dom and have a pain slut for a sub/slave you can "beat" them for your pleasure and it will be a win-win situation.  I recently responded to a question from a Dom on a BDSM website that asked "if you tell a sub/slave that they are going to receive "X" number of lashings for something they did wrong and then stopped half way through - would that be wrong?"  My response was that if you know your sub/slave and you felt they had learned their lesson by that point AND YOU EXPLAINED THAT TO THEM that there would be nothing wrong with that and if you HONESTLY felt they had learned their lesson that it would be NO problem and in fact anything past that point could be consider abuse.

Also, as punishment the Dom must be creative.  If you take a child's favorite toy away from them every time they misbehave they will most likely find a new favorite toy.  This life can be a challenge on the part of both Dom's and sub's/slave's but I assure you it can be quite enjoyable if all parties are willing to work at it.  Anything worth having is worth working for.

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