Tuesday, October 26, 2010


The "Gift of Submission" is a misnomer.  Either you are a submissive (or slave) or you are not, therefore you are not giving that away.  You are giving you to another  The sub/slave/bottom is not giving the "Gift of Submission" - they are giving MUCH more... they are committing their life to their Dom.  That is the ultimate gift.  How can someone turn over virtually the entire control of their life to someone if they don't trust and respect them.  They are giving the gift of their own person.  That is something that a Dom MUST respect and appreciate.  The stronger the sub is, the more valuable the gift they are giving.  This is something worth working for and once received is worth working to keep.  The Dom, as well as the sub, MUST work at maintaining the respect of the their respective partner(s).  It requires continuous work on the part of everyone involved.

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