Thursday, October 28, 2010


Probably the most important attribute that anyone needs to have is a sense of humor - whether you are a Dom or a sub/slave.  Also, a Dom must have patience.  The worst thing to do in training Your sub/slave is lash out in anger.  There is a time and a place for punishment but if you respond in anger it can end up being abusive which tends to be counter productive to training.  The primary role of the Dom is to help make the sub/slave the best sub/slave they can be in service to their Dom.  This is done through teaching and training.   A sub/slave should trust and respect You - NOT fear you.  As far as sub/slave attributes, the second most important for them, after humor is a desire to please.  The primary role of a sub/slave is to bring pleasure to their Dom and that can be anything from not showing any disrespect in public to allowing them to flog you and take you sexually anytime They want anywhere They want, just for Their own pleasure - and everything in between.  That is another reason to take time to find the right partner(s).  This life runs the gamut for what people are looking for and finding someone you mesh with both in chemistry and wants/desires.

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